Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy is a joyous and divine moment for every woman – longing for the day they will hold their little one. In getting pregnant there are several crucial things couples need to consider and prepare for.

As a couple you will need to visit the doctor (preconception visit) before trying to conceive, particularly those trying for their first baby, or with underlying health concerns or problems. It is best to schedule the appointment at least three months before trying to conceive, to leave enough time for any vaccines required.


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A woman has reproductive organs both inside and outside her body. All the organs play a role in the reproductive process which includes: menstrual...
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For many couples in Kenya, finding out that one or both of them is infertile can be quite traumatic. The diagnosis can negatively affect...
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The use of contraceptives in Kenya has been widely accepted with many women using them to avoid pregnancy. Some of the contraceptives can be...
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